Problem Solver - August 2013
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Provide an Ideal Indoor Environment

Offering sports and aquatics programs outdoors can be a great way to reach your patrons—until the bad weather leads to cancellations. The good news is, you can easily construct a design-build structure that can house activities of any kind. With buildings available in many styles and sizes, you can enclose such activities as swimming, ice hockey, basketball, tennis—even football and soccer—and provide an ideal environment.

Q: We'd like to build a structure to house our recreation and sports offerings, but are concerned about the players' and spectators' experience. Aren't there space and noise issues?

A: You can find a tension fabric structure that can be built quickly and economically to house all kinds of activities. Even sports that require a large field of play—such as soccer, basketball or football—can be housed in such structures with their exceptional height and clearance.

The spacious and airy tension fabric structures provide the right amount of space for players, and with no internal columns, there is nothing to interfere with play and nothing to disrupt the spectator's experience.

What's more, with their sound-absorbing covers and walls, these structures decrease echoes inside while reducing outside noise—even the sounds of weather against the roof. This makes for a more peaceful indoor environment for players, and enables everyone to hear better.

Q: We're concerned about indoor air quality. If we enclose our activities, won't it create health issues for players?

A: A tension fabric structure allows natural light through, which reduces moisture and mold problems, as well as bacteria growth. It will smell fresh and clean inside, and you'll be providing an environment that is healthier for athletes than a conventional steel and wood building.

You can even add ventilation options to your structure, including roll-up sides and wall vents.


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