Problem Solver - August 2014
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Give Your Sprayground a New Look

S praygrounds offer a cost-effective way to give everyone a little fun in the water. But what happens when your existing sprayground begins to lose interest?

Q: We'd like to refurbish our existing sprayground to make it exciting and new again. What are some ways we can create a unique experience?

A: You don't have to have a sprayground that looks just like everyone else's. Look for themed elements as a way to create a sprayground that stands out and offers a unique experience. Create a nature theme with elements shaped like cattails, flowers and fun critters. Or create a farm theme with elements crafted to look like windmills and tractors. Mixing these elements in among your other spray features provides a place where patrons' imaginations can soar.

Or, consider the fun interplay of light, water and color. You can find stainless steel spray features that combine color, texture and water effects in clever ways to create a like-new sprayground experience.

Another smart addition is interactive features that help kids feel like they're a part of the action. Whether they're activating splash features or spraying their friends in a water battle, these types of elements heighten the appeal of your sprayground. Some elements even incorporate sound to provide a sensory experience like no other. You also should consider adding activators and controllers that provide play sequences to keep kids active.

Q: We want our spraygrounds to keep people coming. What should we consider?

A: You can replace your old features with brand-new ones without tearing up existing piping or concrete. Talk to your manufacturer to determine the features you need and the theme you'd like to add. The manufacturer can then help by giving advice on cutting off the existing feature, providing a retrofit seal kit inside the pipe and then placing a new themed feature on top. Now you have a brand-new, fully themed park without tearing out any of the existing pipes or concrete.


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