Problem Solver - August 2014
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Create a Park Centerpiece

When you think of the places and spaces that define a community, parks are at the forefront. Well-designed parks provide a place where people can gather to play and celebrate. When you provide a focal point to anchor the site, you create an unforgettable centerpiece for your community.

Q: We want to turn our beautiful park site into a community centerpiece. What should we consider?

A: When you want to create a unique site that will draw in your entire community, you need to think beyond the typical park offerings. A park amphitheater is a perfect option. Eye-catching and functional, an amphitheater provides a fun and attractive centerpiece for your park, but it's much more than that.

You also can schedule—or allow community groups to schedule—events that make use of your amphitheater as a concert and performance venue. From concerts in the park and battles of the bands to Shakespeare festivals and more, your park will play host to events that will bring your community together.

What's more, an amphitheatre can become a means of generating revenue. You can charge a small price for attendance at events, or charge community groups a rental fee to use the amphitheater to put on their own performance.

Q: We want to make sure that our park is beautiful and well put together. How can we find an amphitheater that will fit in?

A: Every park site is unique, just as every community is unique. You should look for a supplier that offers a range of design options, as well as customizations to ensure they can meet your needs.

Manufacturers offer a range of choices that you can sift through to find the look that fits best with your park. You can choose an out-of-the-box design or you can modify the design by adding on customizations to colors, roof types, column enhancements and ornamentation to give your amphitheater a unique look, or create a totally new custom design, which can be developed by your manufacturer.


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