Problem Solver - August 2014
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Update Your Bike Path

More and more communities are investing in improvements that enable citizens to walk, jog and bike. From bike lanes on city streets to bike paths and greenways, these amenities are a huge improvement for those who like to get from place to place under their own steam. But controlling traffic on these paths is important.

Q: We have recently invested in upgrading our community's extensive system of walking and bike paths and trails, but we'd like to go one step further. How can we control traffic along these trails and ensure everyone is following the rules of the road?

A: First, be sure to post signage informing trail users of the rules. Most people understand how traffic flow is supposed to work, but it won't hurt to provide a friendly reminder. You also can send out regular patrols, on bicycle or on foot, to keep an eye on things and educate people about the rules when they see someone riding in the wrong lane.

Another smart option is to be sure bicycle lanes and paths are properly delineated. Some communities use traffic paint for this, but you can find more durable, eco-friendly solutions.

Q: We want to mark our bike lanes and paths, but don't like the idea of having to repaint them every year. Is there another solution?

A: You can find a unique, durable acrylic coating and overlay system designed for strong, long-lasting protection on asphalt and concrete surfaces. It is much more durable than paint, making it less difficult and costly to maintain.

This overlay provides a medium-texture non-skid surface appropriate for heavy-traffic areas. In addition to being useful in cycling applications, you can use it on pedestrian walkways and pathways, jogging paths and more.

It is available in a range of colors, as well. You can use distinctive streetscape colors, or you can choose colors that fit well with natural surroundings. Either way, you can use the overlay to mark lanes, as well as alert cyclists and pedestrians of upcoming cross-streets, stop signs and more.


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