Problem Solver - August 2014
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Improve Your Locker Room Experience

When patrons come to work out, swim or have fun at your facility, they expect locker rooms that provide a clean, dry, pleasant place to change and store their personal items. Messy, musty, wet locker rooms create a bad experience. But with the right practices and amenities in place, you can improve the locker room experience.

Q: We want to be sure patrons have a good experience in our locker rooms. What should we know about keeping locker rooms clean?

A: First, you'll want to be sure to keep to a regular schedule for cleaning and maintenance. Pleasant locker rooms require attention on a regular basis, and when you have a schedule in place, you'll notice any problems as they arise.

Make a regular locker room check part of your staff's daily duties. Provide a checklist near the locker room entrance that employees can use, checking off each step on the list. Some of the items to include on your list include checking and restocking toiletries and toilet paper, and picking up any trash. They also should check for wet floors and other messy problems as they walk through. In addition to helping keep locker rooms clean, this regular check will help prevent theft and vandalism.

You also should consider installing a swimsuit water extractor if your facility has a swimming pool. Oftentimes, swimmers leave wet suits hanging over locker doors to dry. This can damage the lockers, and also leaves a puddle on the floor, causing a slip hazard.

Q: We'd love to upgrade our locker room to provide a more upscale experience for our members. What should we consider?

A: You can take small steps at a relatively low cost to take your locker room environment from functional to fabulous. It's not expensive to provide items like toiletries. You also might consider replacing metal lockers with plastic or wood laminate for a more upscale aesthetic.


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