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January/February 2002
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Rolling Ahead
New skate parks and inline facilities learn from past mistakes
Pool Your Resources
Aquatics programming ideas to help keep your facility floating
There’s No Business Like Spa Business
With some rec centers and health clubs adding or converting space for spas, how do you plan a successful place for pampering?

Play Ball
Lakewood BlueClaws Park in Lakewood, N.J.
When Nature Calls
Lake Pomme de Terre in Missouri
When the Only Place to Go is Up
University of Maryland’s vertical challenge course College Park, Md.

Adventure Vendors on Your Property 
Your risk or theirs?
Stewardship of the Sand 
The environmental impact of mechanical beachcleaning

Shelters, Buildings & Structures
Grounds Maintenance
New Products
Literature Showcase
March 2002
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Stay-Fresh Fitness Centers
Ideas to keep your facility from getting stale
Grounds Forces
The latest challenges and strategies in grounds maintenance
Boulder Dash
Climbing Wall facilities race for the next level
Not So Minor Attractions
The major success of minor-league baseball

Plenty of Water, No Waiting
Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark South Padre Island, Texas
Skate Park to Go
Timber-Lee Christian Center East Troy, Wis.
Adding Some Bark to a Park
Redwing and Woodstock Dog Parks Virginia Beach, Va.

A New Motivation for Joining a Gym Has Emerged 
Your Lifeguards Watch But Do They See? 

Pool, Aquatic & Water Play Products
Playground Equipment & Safety Surfaces
Site Furnishings
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April 2002
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A Walk in the Park
Essential elements of modern park design and components
Pool, Waterpark and Beach Safety
An in-depth look at the biggest risks facing aquatic facilities
Some Light Reading
Designing the best lighting for a sports field doesn’t have to be a battle or cost a bundle
The Art of Customer Service
What goes around comes around when you give customer relations more than lip service

Bridging the Gap
Rocky Mount, N.C.
Magic Carpet is a Sweet Ride
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Renovating the House that Ruth Built
Yankee Stadium New York City

Making Waves 
How to Teach Your Parents Well 
Long Live the Lockers 
Good Purchasing Decisions Can Be the Key to Locker Longevity

Indoor Sports Surfaces & Flooring
Fitness & Exercise Equipment
Food Service & Concession Equipment
New Products
May/June 2002
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The Olympic Effect
Piqued interest in ice sports can help rinks go for the green
Watch Your Step
Take a steady pace and do your homework when choosing indoor sports flooring
Beyond BINGO
Marketing and programming for seniors nowadays is more rock climbing than rocking chairs

The Apex of it All
The Apex Center Arvada, Colo.
Golf Swings into Manhattan
Chelsea Piers New York City

A Job for All Seasons 
Prevent pool problems before they surface
Figuring out ADA 
How to apply ADA accessibility guidelines to your restroom facilities

Sports Equipment
Computer Software Review
Climbing Walls
New Products
Web Site
July/August 2002
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Always in Season
How some facilities market themselves year round, attracting patrons for seasonal activities and turning off seasons into profitable ones
Designing from the Drain Up
Building better restrooms and locker rooms means paying essential attention to cleanliness, attractiveness and ease of maintenance
Mutli-Use and Multiple Users
Faciltiy Models that Work for the Masses

Theme Helps Mine Success
Apex Center Aquatics Complex Arvada, Colo.
Bringing in the Big Guns to Beat the Heat
Fort Polk MWRUSA swimming pools Fort Polk, La.

Music to Your Ears 
Creating and marketing a festival
Fun First, of Course 
Permanent vs. portable mini-golf course design
All Inclusive 
Taking accessibility one step further

Skate Parks
Ice Rink & Inline Hockey
New Products
September 2002
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Catching the Wave
What's making a splash in the world of wet
Get with the Programs
The latest trends shaping up in the fitness arena
Art Works
Adding interest, character and beauty to blank walls and barren spaces
Sept. 11: One Year Later
How prepared is your facility to handle terrorism, disasters and other threats?

Dual Cool
Apex Center Ice Arena in Arvada, Colo.
Better Batting Cages
The Chicago Bulls/White Sox Training Academy in Lisle, Ill.
Play Unlimited
Siskin Children’s Institute in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Getting Started with Staff Recognition 
101 ways to reward your employees
No Longer Just Treading Water 
How three pools improved their cash management and reporting
Up to the Challenge 
Creatively implementing programs featuring the great outdoors

Locker Room & Laundry Equipment
Rehabilitation & Accessibility Equipment
Signs and Signage
New Products
October 2002
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Playing It Safe
A guide to playground diligence and maintenance
Field Guides
From brand-new or converted complexes to parent-proof fields, a look at the latest in sports field design
Conserve Your Energy
Bright ideas that are easy on the environment—and your budget
Security 101
How to make sure your facility, staff and patrons are safe from threats, big or small, from a terrorism threat to plain old petty theft

A Model Floor
Sparta High School Sparta, Wis.
Goal Setting
South Germantown Recreational Park South Germantown, Md.
Clearing the Air
Grapevine-Colleyville Swim Center Grapevine, Texas

How to Make Your Facility Fit 
Not Just for Drinking Anymore 
Artesian wells: engineering a change in how we use natural resources
Victory From Vandals and Triumph Over High-Traffic 
How to create abuse-resistant restrooms and locker rooms

NRPA Show Preview
Show in Print
Safety & Security Products
New Products
November 2002
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Hard Corps Experience
Learning some lessons from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Give Them Shelter
Provide indoor comfort in the great outdoors with shelters and structures that succeed in both form and function
Good Groundskeeping
A closer look at innovations and best practices for maintaining high-quality sports fields

The Endless Curl
The Wave Waterpark Vista, Calif.
Dome Provides Plenty of New Space to Roam
Hononegah High School Field House Rockton, Ill.

Creating a Splash Play Area 
Important issues to consider
Bright Ideas 
Managing a successful sports lighting upgrade project

Gymnasium Components
Outdoor Sports Surfaces
New Products