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January/February 2003
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Wheels of Fortune
Funding ideas for skate parks and inline hockey facilities
Fitness Facility Facelift
Get a leg up on design, staffing and programming trends
Getting the Biggest Splashes for Your Bucks
Current trends in aquatic design and programming
Bones of Contention
Exploring peeves and improving the conduct of your patrons and employees

Texas-Sized Stadium
Reliant Park Houston
Itís All in the Wristband
The Great Barn at Stone Mountain Park Atlanta
From Battlefield to Golf Bunker
Legends on the Niagara Golf Complex Niagara Falls, Ontario

Lives, Liabilities and Lawsuits on the Line 
Defibrillators are becoming part of the "standard of care" for recreation facilities
It's Not Just a Game Anymore 
Combating violence in youth sports by teaching sportsmanship
Batter Up 
What are the options when it comes to places to practice swings

Shelters, Buildings & Structures
Grounds Maintenance
New Products
Literature Showcase
March 2003
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Vertical Innovations
New technology and the right programming can make your climbing wall stand out
Home Sweet Site
Selecting—and budgeting—for the right site furnishings
Good PR
A crash course on handling public-relations crises, dealing with the media and developing strategies for generating positive publicity
Good Sports Fields
How to make your grounds look like the pros

If You Enclose it, They Will Come
Mission Valley YMCA San Diego, Calif.
The Tricks of a Successful Skate Park
Wheels Family Fun Park Durham, N.C.
Building for the Next 50 Years
The Dr. Adrian Tinsley Center at Bridgewater State College Bridgewater, Mass.

The Price You Pay for the Games People Play 
What employees need to know about protecting themselves, the facility and management from lawsuits
Do's and Don'ts of Fitness Facility Layouts 
Limiting liability when designing a facility
Pond Aeration 
Diffused air systems can create a difference

Playground Equipment & Safety Surfaces
Pool, Aquatics & Waterpark
Fitness and Exercise Equipment
New Products
Literature Showcase
April 2003
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Keeping Up Appearances
Good housekeeping and maintenance strategies for aquatic centers and other rec facilities
Staff Strategies
How to hire, manage and keep great employees despite the generation gaps
True Concessions
The real-life story behind how recreational facilities can improve food services, cut costs and increase profits, from snack bars to full-fledged restaurants
The Crowd Turns Beautiful
From crime and crushings to big threats and personal safety, a look at some of the best techniques for managing large daily crowds as well as mass-spectator events

A Rink of Their Own (and a Home for Tennis)
Ridder Arena, University of Minnesota Minneapolis
Handling High Water with Dock Technology
Galena Territory Marina Galena, Ill.

Building a Skate Park 
Addressing the early concerns
Going Native 
The trend to convert unused lawn to natural areas can increase recreational potential and solves many management problems
Event Planning Ideas from Start to Finish 
Races and other special events

Indoor Sports Surfaces & Flooring
Site Furnishings and Park Components
Climbing Walls & Challenge Courses
New Products
May/June 2003
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Tread Lightly
A complete guide to selecting the right sports surface
Natural Wonders
Trends in interior design, whatever your budget
Trail Guide
Building multiuse trails and bridges

The Greater Good
Greater Decatur Y Decatur, Ill.
A Magical Place
RDV Sportsplex Orlando

No More Space for Parks? Think Again. 
Creating Open Space
Learning Through Interpretation 
Educational Outreach

Locker Room & Restroom
Sports Equipment & Supplies
New Products
July/August 2003
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First Annual Innovative Architecture & Design Awards
Awarding Experience
Shower Power and Beyond
Locker and restroom design continues to go upscale to please patrons

When to Fire Your Customers 
The art of handling difficult guests
Group Programming for Older Adults 
A successful, inexpensive approach

Food Service & Concession Equipment
Ice Rink and Inline Hockey Equipment
New Products
September 2003
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Kids Just Wanna Have Fun
Playground design trends mix excitement with accessibility and safety
Theme Schemes
Creative motifs and clever theming give waterparks and splash play areas new depth
Listen and Lighten Up
From foot candles to acoustical sprays, learn the ins and outs of designing for sound and light

Aquatic Showpiece
McBurney YMCA in New York City
Breaking Out of the Box
The Williamsburg Community Center in Brooklyn
Playground of the Caribbean
Caylanaís Castle Cove on CocoCay

Preventive Maintenance Keeps Fitness Equipment Healthy 
Selecting Restroom Accessories for Heavy-Use and Abuse Facilities 
New Green Building Standards are Gaining Popularity 
A Few Good Rec Managers 
The U.S. Navy is looking for civilian fitness and recreation specialists to serve sailors at sea

Sports Surfaces
Disability and Rehabilitation
Computer Software
New Products
October 2003
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Rest(rooms) for the Weary
Patrons may be wary of them and vandals love them, which means outdoor restroom facilities require careful planning
Kidding Around
From fitness to fun, creating and marketing child-friendly and family programming
Good Light Balance
Juggling performance vs. pollution when it comes to sports field lighting
Call of the Wild
From beautiful blossoms to bugs and guts, nature programs are growing as people return to their roots

Itís Show Time
Mavericks Sports Club and Mavericks Cinema 3 Moorpark, Calif.
Take Me into the Ball Playground
Wileyís Woods at Great Wolf Lodge Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

There is a Choice 
Creating a Performance Psychology Curriculum for Sports Teams
High-Performance Playground 

Skate Parks
NRPA Show Preview
Show in Print
New Products
November 2003
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Special Mega Section:
Recreation Managementís Complete Guide to Designing and Outfitting Fitness Centers
Ground Rules
From berms to xeriscape, landscaping ideas to please your patrons and your budget
Partners in Property
Creating partnerships for acquiring new land

A Tale of Two Playgrounds
Franklin County Family YMCA Rocky Mount, Va. Altavista Area YMCA Altavista, Va.
Swim Clean
Cook/Douglas Recreation Center at Rutgers University New Brunswick, N.J.
Football Field with a View
Folsom Field University of Colorado at Boulder

Creating an Innovative Playground Through the Collaborative Process 
Resort Report 
Design considerations to manage guests and operations

Gymnasium Components
Bleachers and Seating
Sports Fields
New Products