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January 2011
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Taking the Plunge
Saving Facilities and Lives Through Smarter Aquatic Programming
Dog Parks 2.0
Taking America's Dog Parks to the Next Level
Are You Accessible?
Tips From the Pros on Compliance With New ADA Standards
Maintenance Series: Sports Turf
Toughen Up Your Turf

A Park for All
Todd Beamer Park in Fresno, Calif.
Right on Time
Sycamore Park Sprayground in Fort Worth, Texas

Skatepark Smarts
Using Programming to Promote a Positive Park
Play for All
Thinking Outside the Ramp

Shelters & Building Structures
Grounds Maintenance Equipment
New Product Ideas
Literature Showcase
February 2011
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Water Rescue
Programming Aquatics to Be Self-Sustaining
The Right Safeguards
Protecting Pool Patrons, Reducing Risk
Catching the Wave
Staying Current With the Latest Aquatic Designs
Get In On the Action
Action Sports Parks Bigger, Better, More Balanced Than Ever
From Blueprint to Ballgame
The Ins and Outs of Sports Field Design
Maintenance Series: Gymnasiums
Beauty and the Beast: Maintaining Your Gym
Budget Defense Tactics
Use Business Sense & Strategic Partnerships to Survive

Recreation Center: Sculpting a Space
John & Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park in DES MOINES, Iowa
Lighting: Bright Upgrades
The Ponds of Brookfield Ice Arena in Brookfield, Wis.

Locker Rooms 
Locker Room Design Strategies
Durable Fixtures Enhance Image, Reduce Operational Costs
Fitness Facilities 
Fitness Center Safety: Assumption of Risk

Fitness & Exercise Equipment
Playground Equipment
New Product Ideas
March 2011
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Play It Safe
Improving Safety for Your Play Spaces
Fit To Be Tried
Top Trends in Fitness Programming
Focus on Members
In a Tough Market, Customer Relations Is at a Premium
Maintenance Series: Spraygrounds
Don't Walk Away
Spraygrounds Require Ongoing Maintenance

Camps: A Welcome Respite
Camp Colley in Phoenix, Ariz.
Aquatics: Graceful Aging
Pittsburgh Field Club in Fox Chapel, Pa.

Design Corner 
Making Aquatics More Cost-Effective
Sports Fields 
Clearing the Clutter
What Matters Most in an Artificial Turf System
Moving Beyond Political Ideology in the Budget Battle

Pool, Waterpark & Aquatic Equipment
Site Furnishings & Park Components
Adventure Sports
New Product Ideas
April 2011
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Design for the Times
Stretch Your Dollars, Boost Your Impact
Common Grounds
Inclusive Play on the Upswing
Mix and Match
When Outfitting Your Park, Context Matters
Puddle-Loving Fun
New Developments in Sprayground Design
Ascending on a Budget
Making Money-Smart Decisions With Climbing Walls
Marching Ahead
The Connection Between Recreation & Quality of Life
Maintenance Series: Eco-Friendly
Clean and Green
Eco-Friendlier Maintenance Practices

Turf: Answered Prayers
Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Mo.

Design Corner 
Windows and Walls
A Double Standard in Energy Efficiency
Intramural Sports 
Women in Intramurals
A Look at Declining Participation
Sports Surfaces 
Selecting Sports Surfaces for Your Facility

Waterfront & Marina Products
Indoor Sports Flooring
Food Service & Concessions Equipment
New Product Ideas
Problem-Solver Showcase
May 2011
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Suit Yourself
Locker Rooms to Fit Your Facility
Ninth Annual Innovative Architecture & Design Awards
Best of the Best

Does Your Pool Pass the Smell Test?
Bringing Nature Into Play

Dog Park Equipment
Gymnasium & Recreation Center Components
New Product Ideas
June 2011
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State of the Industry 2011
A Look at What's Happening in Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities
Regional Information
A Look at Regional Trends
A Look at Trends in Aquatic Facilities
Parks & Recreation
A Look at Trends in Parks & Recreation
Colleges & Universities
A Look at Trends in Colleges & Universities
Schools & School Districts
A Look at Trends in Schools & School Districts
Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs
A Look at Trends in Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs
A Look at Trends in YMCAs
A Look at Trends in Camp Facilities
July 2011
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Money & Happiness
Our Fourth Annual Salary Survey
Making Waves
New Strides in Aquatic Safety
Design For All Times
Trends in Sports Facility Design
Maintenance Series: Grounds
Caring for Growing Places
Grounds—and Their Crews—Require Careful Attention

Parks: Dreams Come True
Westminster Center Park in Westminster, Colo.

Design Corner 
Vibrant Centers of Community Identity
Giving Back

Playground Safety Surfaces
Rehabilitation & Disability Products
Locker Rooms Products
New Product Ideas
Web Site Showcase
August 2011
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Dealing With Disaster
Disaster Plans Are Vital for Recreation, Sports & Fitness Facilities
Problem-Solver Idea Book
September 2011
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Tomorrow's Turf
Budgets and the Environment Drive Trends in Natural and Synthetic Sports Fields
Take It Inside
Cost, Maintenance, Performance Are Top Issues in Sports, Fitness Flooring
Safe at Home
Finding Safe Surfaces for Playgrounds
Going Off Trail
New Paths in Programming to Connect Children With Nature
Last Things First
Trends in Restroom Structures
Riding the Wave
Keeping Waterparks Afloat in a Choppy Economy
Maintenance: Grounds
Playgrounds: Safety & Maintenance Go Hand-in-Hand

All Aboard the Play Express Kids Express Preschool in Lancaster, Pa.

Foodservice & Concessions 
Make Dollars and Sense Out of Concessions
Auditing Facilities & Preparing for Emergencies
A Playground With a Ball
Drowning Detection 
The Need for Drowning Detection Technologies

Outdoor Sports Equipment
Bleachers & Seating Products
New Product Ideas
October 2011
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Safe Haven
Protect Patrons & Beautify Sites With Shade & Shelters
A Born Natural
Nature Takes Its Place in Recreational Experience
Center Stage
The Latest in Scoreboards & Sports Lighting
Maintenance Series: Aquatics
What's in the Water?
Prevent Problems With Proper Pool Maintenance

Sports Turf
An Impressive Kickoff for the Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, N.Y.
Coming Up for Air Texas Swimming Center, University of Texas at Austin

Aquatics & Air Quality 
The Canary in the Mine
Aquatics & Stainless Steel
ADA & Aquatics
Unlocking the Fountain of Youth
Miniature Golf 
A Mandate for Miniature Golf ADA Compliance
Design Corner 
Fusion Facilities Confusion Resolution

Lighting Products
New Product Ideas
NRPA Showcase
Trade Show In Print
November 2011
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Alive & Well
Fitness Clubs Still Thriving, Moving Forward
Finding the Way to Fun
Big Ideas to Help Create Your Superior Playground
Green For Green's Sake
Eco-Friendly Facilities & Operations Yield Economic, Environmental Savings
Maintenance Series: Vandalism & Graffiti
Straighten Up, Fly Right
Preventing Vandalism, Graffiti With Smart Maintenance

A Culture That Builds Strength South Shore YMCA, Hanover Branch in Hanover, Mass.

That Can't Happen Here. Can It?
To Prevent Drowning, Empower Lifeguards and Others
Legal Issues 
Preventing Litigation on Construction Issues
Building Options 
Building Branding
How the Right Building Can Work for You

Restroom Structures & Buildings
Outdoor Sports Surfaces & Turf
New Product Ideas