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Accu-Tab and Acid-Rite Systems

Accu-Tab and Acid-Rite Systems
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Frank Schiffman, Director of Marketing

The Accu-Tab® water treatment system from Westlake Water Treatment Products simplifies chlorination equipment maintenance for operators at aquatics facilities of all sizes. The tablet erosion system stands up to the challenges of commercial pool environments by providing consistent delivery of chlorine. When paired with the Acid-Rite® pH Adjustment System—a simple and safe method to balance water—the two systems deliver a more practical and safe-handling approach to maintaining water quality at aquatic facilities of any size. Both the Accu-Tab and Acid-Rite systems are NSF/ANSI 50 certified.

  • Watch Your Balance

    Manufactured by the makers of Accu-Tab®—a pioneer in tablet erosion technology—the Acid-Rite® pH Adjustment System is helping owners of aquatic facilities bring balance to both their water and their work life. Virtually maintenance free, the Acid-Rite tablet-based system is the smart alternative to bulky liquid acid drums, cumbersome sodium bisulfate bags and alkalinity struggles associated with CO2 systems. Acid-Rite is NSF 50 Listed too! See the Acid-Rite Advantage for yourself. Learn more at acidrite.com.

  • Quality Meets Simplicity

    Powered by tablet erosion technology, the Accu-Tab® chlorination system has been a simple and effective solution for consistent chlorine delivery for over 25 years. A safer and more predictable solution than other tablet-based systems, liquid bleach, salt water systems and more, Accu-Tab chlorinators combined with Accu-Tab three-inch calcium hypochlorite tablets form a system that is NSF® 50 certified. Learn more at accu-tab.com.

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