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Marissa Kiella, Sales Executive

Since 1989, we have had a passion for manufacturing, installing and servicing innovative adventure products. That very passion was re-energized when our traditional name that we were founded on, Ropes Courses Incorporated, was traded out for the more inclusive moniker, RCI Adventure Products. The new identity elevates RCI to a level beyond our strict ‘ropes courses’ persona while still maintaining the same commitment to amusement that we’ve stayed true to for over 30 years.

Our product lines consist of U.S. patented aerial attractions, Clip ‘n Climb® climbing activities, unharnessed netplay, mazes and more with each adhering to specific safety standards designed to ensure all participants are taken care of. It is through our team of highly skilled engineers, installers and sales professionals that RCI can exceed expectations with regards to quality, safety, outstanding service and family-friendly fun so millions of participants can experience the thrill of an RCI attraction annually.

  • RCI adventure products are engineered for safety and designed to maximize both Operator efficiency and participant excitement. Our U.S. patented, integrated safety systems allow for constant movement, delivery of high throughputs, minimal labor requirements and an increase in participants of all ages to produce an unsurpassable revenue-generating amusement attraction for your business.

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