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Aqua Creek Products

Aqua Creek Products
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Bruce Giffin, National Sales Manager

A family owned small business since 2001, Aqua Creek believes in improving the lives of individuals of all abilities through the use of affordable recreation, fitness and ability enhancing equipment. Our passion has, and always will be, to continually improve our existing products while also developing new and innovative designs for our users. Born and raised in Missoula, Montana, our company knows the importance of the small details - that's why we utilize in-house detailed engineering, professional machinists and tig welders to fabricate our precision made components. From the moment each part is made, to the time they are assembled and brought to our shipping department, our team takes pride in ensuring that we are providing you with excellence in every aspect of your experience.

"Aqua Creek is not merely an industry leader with respect to their ability to provide design professionals the necessary information to specify their product line; Aqua Creek is, in fact, the only company in their industry that is able to coalesce manufacturing excellence with superior client satisfaction and product documentation critical to the needs of design professionals."
David Acklin
President, Aqua Design International

We understand that what we do has the power to change people's lives - and that is why we do what we do.

  • The ProTone™ Fitness machine is uniquely designed to provide the ultimate workout for those with limited mobility and gripping capabilities, without the assistance from others. It's sliding and hand crank adjustments with no grip locking knobs and handles allow for easy manipulation and adjustment by individuals with disabilities. The ProTone™ is an ideal solution for rehabs, hospitals, gyms, colleges, fitness centers, as well as private residences. Commercial fitness equipment at a home gym price!

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Aquatic Facility Components
Deck & Accessory Equipment
Exercise Equipment, Water
Handicapped Equipment, Pool
Lifts, Pool
Therapy Equipment
Underwater Platforms
Underwater Treadmills
Wheelchairs, Aquatic

Building & Facility Components
Facility Materials
– – Handicapped Aids

Fitness & Exercise Equipment
ADA Accessible
Aquatic Exercise Equipment
Balance Training Products
Cross-Training Equipment
– – Indoor Cycles
– – Recumbent
– – Stationary
Handicapped Equipment
Physical Therapy Equipment

Site Furnishings, Structures & Park Equipment Components
– – Docks, ADA Accessible

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