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Founded in 1989, Broadcastvision Entertainment is a pioneer and leading market innovator in the fitness entertainment industry. Their most recent innovations include AudioFetch (TV audio to Smartphones) and the CAB (console adapter box) that gives cardio equipment the ability to control ANY cable/satellite/IPTV box.

In addition to the innovative CAB solution, the Axcess Universal Controller is the only fitness entertainment 10-key controller that offers menu navigation and allows exercisers to operate any cable, satellite or IPTV set top boxes in conjunction with any brand cardio equipment embedded or attached TV. This eliminates burdensome handheld remote controls, expensive modulation or MDTA Multiplexor systems and is used when the CAB is not compatible. The exerciser obtains audio and controls the personal viewing screen exclusively through the Axcess Universal Controller.

Located in Colorado, Broadcastvision is your trusted manufacturer for high quality commercial grade fitness entertainment products including AudioFetch (TV audio to Apple and Android smartphones), CAB for cable, satellite and IPTV set top box control, Axcess Universal Personal Screen Controller, 863MHz / 900MHz Wireless, FM Wireless, Large Screen TVs and Mounts, Sound Systems, Digital Signage, Branded Music and Messaging and Personal Viewing Screens.

  • AudioFetch –Send TV Audio & Promotions To Smartphones

    AudioFetch from Broadcastvision Entertainment allows you to send club promotions & TV audio to smartphones & tablets. Post unlimited advertisements and send the audio from your TVs to smartphones & tablets. The app is free on Google Play & iTunes so all you pay for is the hardware. No Monthly Fees!

  • Cable Box Control for Cardio Equipment

    Eliminate remote controls on cardio equipment with CAB (console adapter box) from Broadcastvision Entertainment. Use existing controls on cardio equipment to control personal viewing screens, embedded TVs and ANY cable, satellite or IPTV set top box without the battery operated remote control. Broadcastvision first offered a solution for set top box control in 2011 and is the clear-cut market leader in this technology.

  • The Universal Controller That Works With All Cardio Brands

    The only universal controller in the fitness industry that allows the user to operate ANY cable, satellite and IPTV set top box in conjunction with ANY cardio equipment's personal viewing TV or embedded touch screen. The Axcess Universal Controller eliminates the need for an additional handheld remote control. The user can control the cardio equipment TVs and the set top box with just the universal controller. Features include guide control, replaceable headphone jack, multiple source options, closed captioning and more.

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