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Jessica Kehler, Sales Director

CivicRec provides parks and recreation software that can help centralize all your activity, facility, staffing, and point-of-sale needs. The cloud-based nature of CivicRec means that staff can manage their operations from anywhere— and on any device. Our interface is both clean and easy-to-use so you can present a modern face to the public. Whether the public is using the recreation registration software to sign up for programs, rent facilities, or browse catalog offerings, you can be confident that your parks and recreation department is presenting an easy to use option for the public, minimizing their stress and effort in engaging with your programs and facilities. Learn more at civicplus.com/civicrec.

  • Learn why 4,000+ local governments have chosen to be part of our #CPfamily. Take a self-guided tour of our parks and rec software and explore the following features:

    • Class and activity management
    • Facility management
    • League management
    • Memberships
    • Instructors
    • Volunteers
    • Point-of-sale
    • Ticketing
    • The citizen experience
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Categories Listed In:

Business Management
– – Accessibility Consulting
– – Activity Logging
– – Concession Management
– – Equipment Tracking
– – Maintenance
– – Membership
– – Registration
– – Registration, Internet-Based
– – Reservation Systems
– – Scheduling, Facility
– – Scheduling, League
– – Scheduling, League, Internet-Based
– – Ticketing
– – Tickets/Ticketing Systems

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