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Codelocks Inc.

Codelocks Inc.
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Founded in 1991, Codelocks is a global business with US corporate offices in California. Codelocks designs and distributes a wide portfolio of innovative, standalone keyless door locks and access products for a range of growing markets. From robust and stylish push-button mechanical locks and cutting-edge electronic locks, to KitLock locker locks, access controllers and smart locks that use the latest technologies, convenience is at the heart of all Codelocks products.

The locks can be used for a variety of applications within the health, hospitality, education, office and recreation markets to help limit building and room access to selected staff members and safeguard confidential or hazardous materials. Programming options include remote code generation, audit trail code tracking, code-free mode, along with a variety of other functions to suit customer needs, making the locks cost-effective and scalable.

Codelocks’ products are designed to be user-friendly and give building and facilities managers complete control over who is entering. Product lines include heavy-duty locks that are ideal for high-traffic applications, locks with full-sized lever handles, and the option to choose between surface and mortice deadbolts and latches. The battery-powered high-end locks perform functions that were only previously available in hard-wired systems.

Codelocks has a dedicated technical team who take responsibility for getting things done and are on hand to respond to any questions or queries. The team draws on its expert knowledge to offer advice and support both pre- and post-sales, whether that involves specifying the right product for a specific application or providing installation instructions.

  • KitLock by Codelocks is a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional key-operated locker locks. Cabinets and lockers in any setting – gyms, clubs and spas, schools, hospitals and offices – can be opened using a keypad code, eliminating the inconvenience of coins and keys. The locks can be programmed with codes that are unique to the user or with time-specific codes to grant temporary access. The option to use smart cards as an alternative to codes is also available.

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