Guest Column - January 2008
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New Technology Boosts Motivation

Fitness & Exercise

By Kerri O'Brien

Partnering up

Exercisers should buddy up and find a fitness sounding board when they get started on a fitness program. Oftentimes this outlet is a spouse, friend or personal trainer, but now it can be the equipment. Tools such as a virtual trainer for treadmills and cross-trainers can offer insight on programs and encouragement during workouts, giving exercisers that added boost.

Keeping it convenient

The easier it is for exercisers to get on and go, the more likely they are to come back again and again. Placing fitness within easy reach of home or office and choosing products that are simple to operate make it easy for exercisers to come back again and again.

New technology also is making it convenient to keep track of workouts by giving users the ability to extract the data directly from the machine using a common USB memory stick. Exercisers can take this information home to track their progress and set new challenges for their fitness routine.

Finding balance

When exercise feels like a chore, people don't want to fit it into their lives. It's a struggle and strain that they'd rather ignore. Creating a workout mix that strikes a balance with cardio and strength training can prevent boredom, be time-effective and optimize fitness success. The time for fitness is there, it's a matter of recognizing when it's there, when it isn't and never letting it become a source of stress.

Once people get on the right fitness path and begin to surpass those small goals, they realize all they're capable of achieving. Suddenly, the burden is lifted, the habit created, and the commitment to the fitness journey blossoms.


Kerri O'Brien is the director of the Life Fitness Academy, the training and education arm of Life Fitness. She has nearly 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, having worked in a variety of fields including for-profit fitness and spa centers, nonprofit YMCAs and university/college and municipal recreation centers. For more information, visit