Guest Column - February 2009
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Locker Rooms & Restrooms

Being Green, Seeing Green

By Alan Gettleman and David Leigh

Warm-Air Hand Dryers

When you install a warm-air hand dryer, the bottom-line savings are 95 percent compared to the cost of drying hands with paper towels, which are all but eliminated. And this doesn't take into consideration the maintenance costs of servicing paper towel dispensers, plus storing inventory, cleaning up towels on the floor and disposing used towels.

A variety of materials and price points are available based on durability needs in terms of heavy use and even abuse. Cast-iron with vitreous enamel finish stands up to wear and tear most effectively, with a variety of steel and plastic models also available.

Family-Friendly Fosters Loyalty

Some baby-changing stations and child-protection seats are manufactured of 50 percent recycled polyethylene and stainless steel. Plus, anti-microbial product protection also may be included. Sanitary bed liners are biodegradable, and stainless-steel dispensers are also crafted of post-industrial recycled stainless steel.

Both polyethylene and stainless-steel products can qualify for LEED MR Materials and Resources Credits 4.1/4.2 and 5.1/5.2.

A recent independent national study of parents with children under 6 confirmed the value of family-friendly accommodation. Parents indicated that they are more loyal, visit more often, and spend more time and money at establishments with child accommodation amenities.