Guest Column - April 2011
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Sports Surfaces

Selecting Sports Surfaces for Your Facility

By Ken Chmura and Joe Corbet

4. Consider Multipurpose Activities

Your multipurpose needs also need to be weighed against your sports needs. Good vinyl flooring can handle most activities in a sports complex, such as high foot traffic and resisting indentations to recover quickly from tables and chairs. For sports events and community events, a vinyl floor's sound insulation properties are a huge advantage in reducing echoing noise of an open space that holds hundreds of people. In fact, a good vinyl floor can provide sound absorption qualities up to 23 decibels.

If you plan on using your floor for multiuse events, you should make sure that it is easy to maintain and contains integrated treatments that protect against scuffs, scratches or stains. This is especially true if you plan on having banquets where food spills occur frequently. Vinyl is a natural solution when it is easy to maintain, but it is necessary to go a step further and ensure it has a no-wax finish that features a baked-in urethane (wax). With this feature, the floor requires simple cleaning and rinsing, which saves thousands of dollars in cleaning costs over the life of the floor. Compare this with wood floors that require coating, sealing and waxing, which adds more to the total annual maintenance cost. Furthermore, be sure to get budget costs of both installed price and expected maintenance costs so that you can make your selection based on the total cost needed to keep the product looking and performing great.