Facility Profile - January 2009
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A Health & Wellness Sanctuary

ACAC Downtown in Charlottesville, Va.

By Christine O'Neal Thalwitz

The adoption of organic processes and products in the facility benefits both members and the environment. Saltwater chlorination in the indoor and outdoor pools is more economical, safe and environmentally friendly than using liquid or tablet chlorine. Saltwater pools produce no chlorine odor, and the water is gentle on swimmers' eyes, skin and hair. Because saltwater chlorinators repeatedly recycle the salt, no byproduct wastes are added to the environment.

Sustainable bamboo floors and "green" carpeting reduce environmental waste and introduce fewer contaminants into the air than traditional flooring. They provide an attractive and durable surface, even in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Aesthetically pleasing surroundings help attract and retain members. Superior craftsmanship strengthens the visual appeal of each area of the club. Cherry wood finishes in the locker rooms and passageways, interior stonework in the foyer, and granite-topped counters in fitness and at the member services desk are combined harmoniously for a striking visual effect. These finishes are echoed in other areas of the club. The use of these high-quality materials creates a luxurious feel. The beauty of the physical environment makes exercising at ACAC a special experience.

Color and texture add interest and excitement to the building. The vibrant use of color on the building's exterior is eye-catching and complements the contemporary feel of the club's urban surroundings. High-tech amenities, like the boxing bag track in the group exercise studio, the fully equipped cycle studio and the resistance jets in the activity pool, blend seamlessly with the facility's environmental approach. When using the cardio machines, members can enjoy both the expansive views and their individual entertainment screens. Swimmers can take pleasure in the outdoor scenery as they swim against the resistance jets. Members relaxing on the rooftop deck enjoy mountain views in the midst of an urban area. The ability to bring the excitement of city life into harmony with nature is a unique feature of ACAC Downtown.