Facility Profile - January 2009
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A Health & Wellness Sanctuary

ACAC Downtown in Charlottesville, Va.

By Christine O'Neal Thalwitz

Imaginative design details, including leaf tile mosaics in the aquatics center and an indoor tree sculpture in the child-care center, capture the members' attention and further connect them to nature. In interior hallways, where natural light is not present, hanging art and soft lighting create an engaging atmosphere. These creative features complement both the urban and ecological themes of the building.

In addition to cultivating sensory appeal at ACAC Downtown, it was important to incorporate spaces that facilitate interpersonal communication. The open layout of the facility encourages human interaction. There are seating areas on every level of the facility where members can socialize. One of the most popular places for members to stop and chat is on the sectional sofa near the HealthQuest circuit on the fitness floor. Providing areas where members can meet other people in the club builds relationships, thereby creating a social network of support.

While there are plenty of wide, open spaces, there are some areas of the club that benefit from being more secluded. The mind-body studios are located in a low-traffic area of the club. Rather than having clear glass panes along the studio walls, there are several panels with etched glass. Light can still pass through the glass, but the frosted designs provide a degree of privacy. The surrounding spaces flow easily into one another without compromising the members' needs.

ACAC Downtown is a unique multi-story facility that blends urban amenities with organic materials and capitalizes on the area's scenic views. In efforts to create a welcoming workout environment, ACAC Downtown merges comfort, beauty, utility and environmental awareness. By creating a retreat from daily pressures, ACAC inspires members to embrace their personal health and the environment.


ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers: www.acac.com