Facility Profile - January 2009
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Pumping Iron

Monterey Sports Center in Monterey, Calif.

By Matt Roberts

Nielson said that with the new cards, it is now virtually impossible to cheat the system by copying the old paper cards, which she noted was a problem at times.

The new card system has also solved those administrative headaches. Now, when Group Exercise Program participants sign up, their information is entered into the computer system and their ID card is printed instantly.

Then, upon each visit, the card is simply scanned, freeing front desk staff from the old hole puncher and speeding members through the line.

"It's nice for the member because they don't have to keep track of this loose piece of paper all the time," said Nielson. "It's just a more respectable system too. When you have an actual ID card, it has more meaning than a little piece of paper."

The result? In addition to the qualitative improvements described by Nielson in areas like security and administrative and member efficiencies, there has also been a significant quantitative increase for the Center. Nielson said implementing wider use of the card system for more than just memberships allows more guests to check in twice as fast as before.

In fact, the new system has even allowed the Center to assign members different cards for different purposes (e.g., one for membership and another for programs and services, which can be reloaded). Gift cards are also offered.

Nielson believes that the process was seamless.

"It was a pretty easy transition. We've never had an issue. They make everything pretty user-friendly for us," she said.


Monterey Sports Center: www.monterey.org/sportscenter

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