Facility Profile - July 2009
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Always Cool

Anytime Fitness in Faribault, Minn.

By Nina Wolgelenter

"I think buying the [fan] is by far the best way to keep costs and energy down from what we had before," Larson said. "Along with keeping the costs down, people like having a nice breeze, it's almost like you are outside."

It's that outdoor breeze that helps create a "feeling of coolness" by evaporating moisture on the skin. The more you perspire, the cooler you feel. By speeding up the evaporation process, people feel more comfortable. "I keep the A/C down now due to the fan because it actually feels cooler in here," Larson said. "It feels like it's 65 in here, even though the temperature is set at 70."

In the wintertime, Larson said he now keeps the heat set at 62 degrees instead of 65 because of the fan's ability to recirculate heat trapped at the ceiling level down to the occupants.

Another advantage of moving large quantities of air within a fitness club is the humidity factor. High moisture content in the air prevents moisture from evaporating. The fan keeps the air moving, resulting in lower humidity and therefore less moisture buildup on fitness equipment. Good air circulation and low humidity add to the lifespan of sensitive fitness equipment, preventing rust and mildew. And in the case of Anytime Fitness, they no longer have to worry about mirrors fogging up.

Ultimately, the sleek and silent fan improves air circulation and workout comfort while reducing costs. And while comfort and air circulation might not be on the minds of prospective members when they first visit a facility, they can certainly feel the difference once inside. "I think every gym should have one of these," Larson said. "Everybody loves it."


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