Facility Profile - October 2010
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Recreation Center

Challenges Met
Sachs Recreation Center in Deerfield, Ill.

By Beth Bales

More, in that the district now can offer a wide range of programs and amenities that it could only have dreamed of before. More, in that there's room to grow.

It's not a perfect situation, Gryziecki acknowledged. For example, the lap pool is neither as long nor as deep as the district would have preferred. "But we got what we got. And we'll do a lot with this."

Indeed, officials are thrilled with what they're offering now, plus possibilities down the road. "The Sachs center provides tremendous opportunities for us for the future," Gryziecki said. "We have a lot of programming options we didn't have before, including those that aren't health- and fitness-related. It's exciting."

In the fall, Deerfield began a before- and after-kindergarten enrichment program, previously unavailable. "The need was there and we'd wanted to offer it before. But we didn't have a facility," Gryziecki said.

Indoor tennis has been an unexpected hit. "We weren't sure about the demand," Gryziecki said. "But we've had more than 200 registrants. The interest is there." The center also is the new home for the North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics, with a team and classes. There's a dedicated spinning room, with no need to store the bikes when not in use. Drop-in classes are popular, as are open gym and open basketball sessions. Pampering is in the plans, with an area spa owner preparing to open a full-service spa within the center.

There were numerous obstacles in renovating the facility. Deerfield officials originally planned simply to clean the facility, bring it up to code and add the two smaller gyms, maintaining existing space usages. But once into the project, the unexpected arose to change the game plan, and the project became substantially more complex.