Facility Profile - January 2011
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Right on Time

Sycamore Park Sprayground in Fort Worth, Texas

By Mike Fowler

Specified to save energy, space, costs and time, the variable frequency drive is built to be the heart of the pump room. With minimal payback time, it is designed for automatic energy optimization and even offers a built-in display that shows the time remaining until the drive pays for itself. The unit offers a built-in DC link reactor to reduce harmonic noise and protect the drive. It also offers an initial ramp, which provides acceleration of pumps to a desired minimum speed, at which time the normal ramp takes over—preventing damage to thrust bearing and overheating of the pump. The unit is designed for a wide range of operation conditions and comes with a thermal protection for the drive and the motor.

The construction team also installed an EQ pump on the system—a high-performance, low-noise-level unit with closed impellers that guarantee a longer motor life even under the stress of higher loads. This lightweight, all-plastic pump construction is designed for maximum hydraulic performance, maximum corrosion resistance and one-man installation. The EQ pump is particularly well suited to this particular pump room because it is self priming, highly energy efficient and has a motor rated for use with a variable frequency drive. The large trap basket makes it easy to service with all the trees and foliage in the area.

This solution was put into place, and the park was completed on time with no delays, even with the new changes.

The project has run efficiently and been a great success in the community. Since this success of this installation, other parks have been installed in the Dallas using the same concepts, and more are planned because of the efficient way the park operates and provides safe, clean water and fun for the community.


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Kimley-Horn and Associates: www.kimley-horn.com

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