Facility Profile - October 2012
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What's in a Name?
Woodruff Park in Atlanta, Ga.

By Tammy York

Planning Play

"To attract the caliber of designer you want, you have to have the funds in place to build something of substance," Gentry said. "The prize generated a high caliber of contributors. Make an effort to reach out to named designers to up the ante. It is important that you maintain a strong social media aspect to keep people informed about the design."

"It was an awesome initiative. We advise other groups interested in designing a playground to consult with playground experts early in the process to save yourself time and headaches," said Jane Jenewein, director of strategic alliances with Landscape Structures.

Woodruff Park in the heart of downtown Atlanta is now the home of the ATL playground. This is a central location that is iconic and highly visible to visitors.

ATOP is hosting a Playable Design Institute in the fall of 2013 in Atlanta. "We want to push designing playgrounds for children forward and create a sense of place in what we are doing," Gentry said. "Kids respond to design and creativity, and it builds inside of them."

Atlanta Taskforce on Play: www.playatlanta.org
Landscape Structures Inc.: www.playlsi.com