Feature Article - November 2004
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Forward-Thinking Fitness

Some innovative health clubs share their secrets to success

By Kyle Ryan

High-End Fitness

At David Silva Fitness Training Center in Miami, everything is taken care of for members. At the private training center, Silva personally creates workout programs for clients before they begin work with the small staff of trainers.

Silva's clients, who often include celebrities and business leaders, have their own personal code to enter the 4,700-square-foot facility. It's completely private—and intense.

"What we do here is we have hour workouts where you don't waste time," Silva says. "You walk in, there's no wasted time checking in. You come straight to the machine. Everybody has a trainer."

All workouts are scheduled, though members can come in to do their cardio work whenever they want. If members need to do workouts outside the club, they can even be scheduled somewhere else. Silva takes care of everything so people don't have to spend a lot of time planning.

Of course, such individualized attention comes at a price. Although Silva says the cost varies, members buy fitness packages based on their needs. Even if it's costly, Silva says private facilities like his have become more common.

"People in fitness that I knew 10 years ago say, 'David, when you opened that, we thought you were crazy,'" Silva says, laughing. But now, he adds, high-end gyms are everywhere.