Feature Article - January 2005
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Success in Therapeutic Recreation

Developing programs that will grow

By Kelli Anderson


One of the key lessons learned by facilities who do inclusion well is to ensure that there is a place at registration for people to indicate any special needs. This simple feature of registration—which may have language like "Do you need reasonable accommodations to enjoy this program?"—is critical.

"It is really important that the registration process requires the registrar to look at that question and answer," McGovern says, "and then to pass it on to somebody who has the skills to do the assessment of that individual— like a CTRS."

Therapeutic Recreation Resource Guide

For more information on how to provide quality therapeutic recreational programming for your community, contact the following organizations:

American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA),
703-683-9420 or visit www.atra-tr.org

National Therapeutic Recreation Society (NTRS),
a branch of the National Recreation and Park Association,
703-858-0784 or visit www.nrpa.org (click on "Branches")

National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC), 845-639-1439 or visit www.nctrc.org

Therapeutic Recreation Directory, www.recreationtherapy.com

National Center on Accessibility,
812-856-4422 or visit www.ncaonline.org

For court and administrative decisions on inclusion impacting park districts, contact John McGovern at 847-509-9400 or e-mail at jmcgovern@nssra.org