Feature Article - October 2005
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Shed Some Light

How to avoid making costly mistakes when it comes to sports field lighting

By Kyle Ryan

Light Levels
An illuminating guide to various sports and their respective lighting requirements.
Baseball150/100 FC100/70 FC50/30 FC30/20 FC
Basketball30 FC20 FC
Golf Driving Range20 FC20 FC
   Horizontal (at grade)10 FC10 FC
   Vertical (at 200 yards)
Football100 FC50 FC30 FC20 FC
Golf Course Tees (at grade)5 FC
   Fairways (at grade)3 FC
   Greens (at grade)5 FC
Horse Racing
   Horizontal (at track)30/100 FC
   Vertical (at 5 feet)70 FC
Ice Hockey50 FC30 FC20 FC
Rodeo50 FC30 FC
Roller Hockey (at grade)50 FC30 FC20 FC
Soccer (outdoor)50 FC30 FC20 FC
Softball150/100 FC100/70 FC50/30 FC30/20 FC
Swimming Pool
   (at water level)30 FC30 FC10 FC
Deck (at water level)20 FC10 FC10 FC
Tennis125 FC75 FC50 FC30 FC
Track & Field50 FC30 FC20 FC
   Track (at grade)20 FC20 FC
Volleyball30 FC30 FC20 FC