Feature Article - May/June 2006
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Undercover Operations

With proper planning, adding a pool enclosure can boost patronage and profits

By Dawn Klingensmith

Enclosure Vocabulary

Clerestory A row of windows near the top of the wall. A clerestory can be incorporated into the design of a natatorium or prefabricated enclosure to bring daylight into the pool area.

daylighting An architectural buzzword for using natural sunlight to illuminate a building's interior through strategic placement of windows

extruded aluminum One of the few construction materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to chlorine and moisture. Retractable-roof and telescopic enclosures usually have extruded aluminum frames.

glazing Glass or polycarbonate panels set into frames. Prefabricated enclosures usually consist of glazing and extruded aluminum components.

no drop A coating sometimes applied to roof panels to prevent condensation and cause rainwater to form a film and flow off evenly

polycarbonate Durable resin-based plastic used as a shatterproof substitute for glass in retractable-roof enclosures

r-value A measure of the capacity of a building material to impede heat flow, with increasing values indicating greater capacity. The color of polycarbonate panels in prefabricated structures will affect their R-values.

rainscreen principal A design approach for restricting rain penetration into the building components of an enclosure through use of gaskets, baffles, overlaps and seals that prevent seepage while allowing for pressure equalization. Air seals bar contact between interior humid air and cold surfaces or structural components to prevent condensation and ice buildup in cold weather.

tension structure A type of structure that uses compression, tension, and fabric and cables for structural stability. Tension structures can be used to enclose pools, however, unlike air-supported structures, these are considered permanent.

thermal break Design in which high-conductive materials are separated by a low-conductive material to reduces the transfer of cold and heat. In pool-enclosure roof panels, this type of design helps prevent condensation caused by an indoor-outdoor temperature difference.