Feature Article - July/August 2006
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Special Supplement: Complete Guide to Sports Surfaces and Flooring

Something's Afoot

By Kara Spak

Resources to Remember
  • Need help with general questions about your sports surface? Call the American Sports Builders Association toll-free help line at 866-501-ASBA (2722). You also can e-mail your questions to info@sportsbuilders.org. This industry group was formerly known as the U.S. Tennis Court and Track Builders Association. You also can find a design professional or a builder/manufacturer at the ASBA Web site, www.asba.org.

  • Looking for a qualified architect to help turn your dream project into reality? Log on to the Web site for the American Institute for Architects, www.aia.org/architect_finder; the searchable database will let you browse by both zip code and the type of project you are doing.

  • For information about playground safety, including details about the safest types of playground surfaces, visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at www.cpsc.gov. The Web site also has great age-appropriate safety information for children while playing.

  • Maple flooring is known as nature's perfect sports floor. Learn more about wood athletic floors at www.maplefloor.org, the Maple Floor Manufacturers Association Web site.

  • The latest on polyurethane flooring can be found at www.polyurethane.org, the Web site for the Alliance for the Polyurethane Industries.

  • For information about track specifications for the high school, collegiate or national level visit:

    National Federation of State High School Associations www.nfhs.org

    National Collegiate Athletic Association www.ncaa.org

    USA Track and Field www.usatf.org

  • The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association's mission is "to represent and promote an open market for manufacturers of playground equipment and surfacing." For more information, visit www.ipema.org.
  • Learn about the effects of playing soccer on artificial turf at www.fifa.com, the Web site for the International Soccer Federation.
  • oTips on caring and maintaining carpets and rugs can be found at the Web site for the Carpet and Rug Institute, www.carpet-rug.com.