Feature Article - July/August 2006
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Special Supplement: Complete Guide to Sports Surfaces and Flooring

Something's Afoot

By Kara Spak

Price Points

Cost is a factor in any sports facility, and the cost of flooring is no exception. Here is a breakdown of average capital costs, including installation, according to product type.

These figures can vary significantly according to where you are building, total square footage of the product, labor rates, job-site challenges and the raw materials market, among other variables. The figures do not include the cost of sub-base.

Type (cost/square foot)
Hardwood Floors
Anchored/fixed floor system $9-$12
Resilient/floating floor system $7-$11
Combination anchored/resilient $10-$14
Indoor Synthetic Surfaces
Interlocking polypropylene tiles $5.50-$6.50
PVC sheet goods with foam backing/
6.5mm to 8mm thick
Rubber sheet goods/10mm thick $8-$9
Full-pour polyurethane/10mm surface thickness $6-$7
Sandwich systems/9mm + 2mm (11mm) thickness $6.50-$7.50
Outdoor Synthetic Turf
Two-inch pile height polyethylene
infilled with rubber or sand/rubber
Two-inch pile height polyethylene
infilled with rubber or sand/rubber
with a 8-10mm prefabricated rubber pad
Knitted nylon over closed-cell foam pad* $8-$9
Knitted nylon over 19mm e-layerd* $10-$10.50
*Note: knitted nylon predominantly for field hockey applications
Outdoor Running Track Surfaces
3/8-inch black Latex $12-$15
1/2-inch colored latex $20-$25
1/2-inch polyurethane black mat $17-$18
1/2-inch polyurethane black mat
with structural spray
1/2-inch polyurethane black mat
with seal layer and structural spray
1/2-inch polyurethane sandwich system $38-$42
1/2-inch full-pour polyurethane system $48-$55
1/2-inch vulcanized rubber sheet good $65-$70

Note: "Budgetary" pricing courtesy of Moose Sports Surfaces, Ltd. in Chicago; Designer Showcase Specialty Flooring in Lombard, Ill.; Track Surfaces in St. Charles, Ill.; All American Sports Group, LLC in Rockland, Mass.

Figures reflect 2006 installations.