Feature Article - September 2006
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A Grand Stand

Adding Some Mmmm to Your Concessions Menu

By Jessica Royer Ocken

There was a time in my life when I thought nothing of flipping two-dozen burgers in one overheated swoop across a jumbo-sized, park-district-issue charcoal grill. I could sizzle up perfectly crispy french fries, pack a snow cone to perfection and tell a Snickers from a Butterfinger based solely on the length of the package (I couldn't even be bothered to look). No swimmer having a snack attack or bigwig out for a corporate picnic in the park was any match for me. After all, I was fueled by all the diet soda I could drink. I was a concession-stand diva.

We did a thriving business back in my high-school summer days, and I'd imagine the line still snakes around the side of the building when it's lunchtime at the pool. Some snacks just never go out of style. However, times have changed in the I'm-not-saying-how-many years since I last donned my navy blue apron and stocked the ice bin for a shift in the stand. To keep up with the times—and keep your concessions menu at its crowd-pleasing, profit-generating finest—you may want to spice things up via some new equipment and expanded offerings. However, lending new life to your snack stand fare could be as simple as an influx of flavor or some new surroundings.