Feature Article - February 2007
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Life Preservers

Considering safety from everyone’s perspective

By Allen F. Weitzel

Workers' compensation

There are many ways to counter or prevent employee injuries. Set salary levels to attract the cream-of-the-crop applicants. Match candidates to the job description, and hire the best-qualified applicant. Be honest with applicants about the actual job requirements. Require pre-employment medical exams for all candidates for the same job position.

When employees do get injured, you should be fair and fast with legitimate injury payoffs. Follow up on each and every employee injury. Investigate employee injury sites, because if an employee is injured at a certain location, another employee (or guest) could also get injured at that site. Provide additional training for those employees who seem to be injured more often than others.

Be sure to have the company legal counsel annually review the employment program to ensure all regulations are being followed.

Customer safety

Patrons expect your facilities to be safe, and they don't expect to be an integral part of ensuring your safety program is working properly. However, there are some things your customers can do to enhance safety.

Encouraging guests to follow the facility's safety rules is the primary factor to help reduce incidents and injuries. Signs, reminders from employees and even special promotions can help focus your customers on cooperating with safety requirements.

But the facility must make it easy for guests to help out. For example, at an amusement park, you can provide ample lockers where guests can store loose items that might fall on other guests from elevated attractions. Make sure that guests do not have access to restricted areas where hazards may be waiting. Ask guests to complete a safety survey in exchange for tickets for another visit.

Don't be afraid to fire a customer who acts in an unsafe manner or endangers other guests or employees. A safe facility will bring patrons back again and again.