Feature Article - June 2007
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From Cost to Coast, and Everywhere in Between

Facility planning follows a similar trend, with respondents in the Western states most likely to be planning changes to their facilities, followed by respondents in the South Atlantic states.

Nearly 80 percent of respondents from the West said they are planning to build new, add to existing facilities and/or renovate their existing facilities. They're more likely than other regions to be planning renovations-61.2 percent are planning to renovate their existing facilities. Respondents in this region are also planning the greatest average expenditures for these plans, compared to other regions. This could be a reflection of higher construction costs reported in mountain states.

Respondents in the South Atlantic states reported the second highest level of planned expenditures for their facility plans. On average, respondents in this region are planning to spend $4.4 million on facility plans in the next several years. They also are more likely than respondents in other regions to be planning to build completely new facilities. More than 44 percent of respondents in this region are planning to start from scratch and build new facilities.

Respondents from the Midwest are the least likely to be planning new facilities, additions or renovations. Nearly 30 percent of respondents in this region said they have no plans at present. Those who are planning to build report an average planned expenditure of $3.3 million.

The lowest planned spending is reported by respondents in the Northeast, who plan to spend $3.1 million on average on new facilities, additions and renovations. Respondents in this region were least likely to be planning to build new. (See Figures 30 and 31.)