Feature Article - June 2007
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General Survey Results

The facilities most likely to require certifications include YMCAs, YWCAs and JCCs. A full 100 percent of these respondents said they require certifications of their staff members. Health clubs and sports clubs were also highly likely to require certifications, with 98.4 percent of these facilities currently requiring certification. The least likely to require certification included resorts and resort hotels, 67.3 percent of which currently require some type of certification, and waterparks, amusement parks and theme parks, 71.4 percent of which currently require certification. (See Figure 19.) However, it should be noted that 100 percent of respondents working for waterpark facilities said they require certification of their staff members.

The most common types of certifications required by facilities of all kinds are generally related to aquatics and fitness. Lifeguard certifications are the most popular, with 65.7 percent of respondents requiring that type of certification for their staff members. Aquatic management and pool certifications are required by 46.1 percent of respondents. Personal training and fitness certifications are required by 41.3 percent. (See Figure 20.)

Many other types of certifications were listed, including law enforcement and ranger certifications, wilderness-related certifications, ski instruction certifications, canoeing-related certifications, challenge-course-related certifications, massage therapy certifications, and many more.