Feature Article - June 2007
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General Survey Results

Publicly funded facilities, including schools and school districts, colleges and universities, and military installations were the least likely to experience revenue increases for 2006 over the year 2005-26.9 percent of schools, 41.7 percent of universities and 45.7 percent of military installations saw a higher level of revenue in 2006 than in 2005.

Parks and recreation departments fell somewhere in the middle, with 57.3 percent experiencing a revenue increase for 2006, 65.1 percent anticipating an increase for 2007, and 68.8 percent projecting an increase for 2008.

While the majority of facilities spent less than $2 million on operating expenditures in fiscal year 2006, the number that spend more than $2 million will increase from 24.7 percent in 2006 to more than 27 percent in 2008. (See Figure 13.) The average operating expenditure across the board reported for fiscal 2006 was $1,180,986. This number is projected to increase by 8.19 percent between fiscal 2006 and fiscal 2008, to a projected $1,277,765, on average. (See Figure 14.)

The highest yearly operating expenditures were reported by YMCAs, YWCAs and JCCs, which reported an average yearly operating expenditure for fiscal 2006 of $1,946,875. Furthermore, these facilities are anticipating an increase of 11.3 percent in operating expenditure, to $2,166,570 by fiscal 2008.

Parks and recreation departments had the second highest average yearly operating expenditure, but it bears mentioning that many of these departments operate multiple parks and facilities, so their operating budgets are likely spread thinner than many of the other facility types, which generally operate a single facility. Parks and recreation departments are anticipating a lower-than-average increase in operating expenditures of 7.8 percent, from $1,359,254 in fiscal 2006 to $1,465,897 on average in fiscal 2008. (See Figure 15.)

Camping-related facilities had the lowest average annual operating expenditures, just $838,149 in fiscal 2006. This grouping is comprised of campgrounds and RV parks, as well as youth and private camps. Campgrounds and RV parks had substantially lower-than-average operating expenditures, just $554,688 for fiscal 2006.

The sharpest increases in operating expenditures are expected among waterparks, amusement parks and theme parks. On average, these facilities projected a 19 percent increase in operating expenditures between fiscal 2006 and fiscal 2008, from $852,951 on average in 2006 to $1,015,104 on average in 2008. Military installations were anticipating a 16.5 percent increase in yearly operating expenditures for the same period.

The smallest increases in operating expenditures were anticipated by resorts and resort hotels. These facilities expected their average yearly operating expenditure to increase only 2.6 percent between 2006 and 2008, from $1,349,359 in fiscal 2006 to $1,384,375 in fiscal 2008.