Feature Article - March 2008
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The Main Event

Pulling It Off Without a Hitch

By Kelli Anderson

One thing leads to another

Developing one successful event can also lead to the creation of another. In the case of the Thomas event, organizers noticed that with lots of young children, the event was also attended by lots and lots of tired mothers.

"What's grand is that we can take advantage of the masses of people drawn to one event to create other events," McShane said. "This year we had Ladies Night Out. We promoted it at the Thomas event and posted signs in the restrooms. We got lots of response."

Promoting upcoming events at current ones can be as simple as posting signs, but also can go much further.

"You can do this with any event," McShane suggested. "If 200 people are at an event, start promoting another. Collect their e-mails, attach news ads and radio ads and e-mail blast it."

Such a targeted advertising and marketing approach has proved very successful—the Thomas event alone has brought $1.6 million.

Perhaps more significantly, these events are bringing in people who were previously unfamiliar with what the Flint area parks and recreation agency has to offer. "People who have never been to Flint are amazed at the park system," McShane said. "It's bringing money to the whole county."