Feature Article - March 2008
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Fit to Be Hip

A Look at the Latest Fitness Trends

By Dana Carman

Keeping Your Fitness Club Fit

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Time Is Money

Dance classes and outdoor boot camps offer new spins on older routines, but novelty is still very much "in" when it comes to fitness.

When a restaurant describes its cuisine as "fusion," you can assume it'll be a hip, long-wait-for-reservations hot spot in no time. The same can generally be said for fusion classes at health clubs and studios. Termed "hybrid programming" by ACE classes that fuse together two very different types of activity continue to draw participants.

Spin and yoga fuses together cardio and strength training for an hour of power that Dawnelle Arthur, owner and founder of Denver-based Seasons Mind and Body Fitness, said provides participants with the best of all worlds. "You have your cardio, strength, composition, stretch, endurance," she explained.

More, you also have time. "No one has time to do a 45-minute Spin then finish with a yoga class," Arthur said. Combining both into a half hour each for a one-hour full-body workout is perfect for busy lives.

This is also why rowing classes have gained in popularity. The rowing machine, once a tool only for the dedicated rower, has seen a lot more use in the form of organized classes, such as Rowbics, which is an indoor rowing program for clubs and studios. And studios dedicated to indoor rowing have popped up too, such as RowZone in rowing-centric Philadelphia.

Long thought of as an "arms only sport," it's actually a full-body cardio and strength workout. The rowing machine provides another benefit that equipment users like to see—low impact, which means joints can breathe easy.

Incorporating classes and equipment that provide full-body benefits offers members ways to fit through great workouts that take a lot less time—a win-win for everyone.