Supplement Feature - April 2008
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Play Date

Planning Pleasing Playgrounds

By Richard Zowie

What You See Is What You Get

Here are some of the creative amenities offered at some of the playgrounds featured in this story:

Georgia State University's Lanette L. Suttles
Child Development Center in Atlanta:

play panels to use as dry-erase boards and a bike trail that includes "Stop" and "Yield" signs.

Newnan Utilities' Carl Miller Park in Newnan, Ga.:
14 total acres of park area with two playgrounds, including a 32,000-square-foot Kids' Castle. New equipment is made from recycled plastic milk jugs. The new surface is made from recycled tires.

Guilford, Conn.: located near the beach on the shores of Long Island Sound, the equipment is made of metal and plastic. "Because we were down by the ocean, we resisted the idea of wood," said Rick Maynard, director of parks, recreation and seniors department for Guilford. "We wanted something durable and maintenance-free."