Feature Article - May 2008
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All in the Family

Ensuring Locker Rooms & Restrooms Are Fit for Everyone

By Stacy St. Clair

Special Extras

While the extra space and durable materials make family locker rooms and restrooms a welcomed addition to any recreation facility or park, there are a few amenities managers could add to make rooms even more comfortable for guests. Here are three must-haves for both patron convenience and your peace of mind:


Much like you provide body wash and shampoo to locker room users, consider putting a tub of sunscreen lotion on the counter. This small offering will be a godsend to parents and make you an important player on the local public health scene.

It's no exaggeration to say the decision may very well help save lives. Experts say waterproof, high-SPF lotions serve as an invaluable strategy in the fight against skin cancer.

If a few vats of lotion aren't within your budget, consider purchasing a sunscreen dispenser. In addition to addressing a public-health concern, it will help your facility raise a few extra pennies.

Swim Diaper Dispensers

Most aquatic facilities require all non-potty-trained children to wear swim diapers, though they remain one of the most forgotten necessities. A family locker room dispenser will solve families' dilemmas, offer the facility a way to make a few dollars and help your aquatic facility in its fight against waterborne illnesses.

Swimsuit Water Extractors

While patrons should anticipate wet floors, the recreation world doesn't work that way. Nothing threatens locker rooms like excess water. Slick floors increase the chances of patrons slipping and hurting themselves. And as recreation managers know all too well in this litigation-happy time, injuries can result in legal (not to mention financial) nightmares.

However, safety isn't the only reason to keep your locker room floors dry. Wet surfaces can do serious damage to your locker room. They can cause rust, mildew, warping, wood delamination, peeling paint and corrosion. These conditions make your locker room unappealing to patrons and jeopardize the facility's overall health.

Swimsuit water extractors can remove up to 95 percent of a swimsuit's moisture in 10 seconds. The machines—which cost between $1,300 and $1,400—will keep soaked suits from dripping on the floor. They'll also play an important role in keeping lockers dry and order-free.