Feature Article - June 2008
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Fit and Healthy on Campus

Getting on the Map

For many colleges and universities, adding beautiful new recreation facilities—or performing significant renovations and upgrades to their existing facilities—offers an opportunity to get in front of more potential students. That said, while college and university respondents indicated that they were planning to spend more than other respondents on their new facilities, additions and renovations, they were less likely to be planning such construction.

Just 62.6 percent of respondents from colleges and universities indicated that they had plans for new construction, additions or renovations over the next few years. Just over a quarter (26 percent) plan to build new, while 37 percent plan to renovate their existing facilities, and 28.6 percent plan to make additions. (See Figure 47.)

More than half of respondents from colleges and universities said they were concerned about facility and equipment maintenance, and many respondents independently cited overcrowding of their space and equipment.