Feature Article - June 2008
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Here, There and Everywhere

Across all respondents, 41 percent represented parks and recreation organizations, but this number skews much higher among respondents from the South Atlantic and the West, where just under half of responses came from parks and recreation professionals. The region with the fewest parks and recreation respondents was the South Central region, where 34.3 percent represented this type of organization.

Some 13.5 percent of respondents from all regions represent colleges and universities, but in the South Central region, respondents were far more likely to work for a college or university. More than 20 percent of respondents in this region said they worked for such a facility. In the Northeast, 16.1 percent said they worked for a college or university, and in the Midwest and South Atlantic states, numbers fell closer to the national averages. Respondents from Western states were least likely to work for a college or university. Less than 10 percent of respondents from that region said they represented a college or university facility.

For all respondents, 12.3 percent worked for health, fitness or sports clubs, as well as private recreation and sports facilities. This number is well dispersed throughout the regions of the United States, with a high of 14.1 percent in South Central states and a low of 12.3 percent in the Northeast.

Schools and school districts were represented by 10.4 percent of the entire survey population, a number that reaches as high as 12.7 percent in the Midwest and drops as low as just 2.7 percent of South Atlantic states and just 5.1 percent for the West.

Respondents from campgrounds, RV parks and private camps were more heavily concentrated in the Midwest and West, where 7.8 percent and 7.7 percent of respondents, respectively, worked for such facilities, compared to a national percentage of 6.4 percent. The fewest respondents from camping-related facilities were in the South Central states, where just 4.2 percent represented this type of organization.

YMCAs, YWCAs and JCCs were represented more heavily in the Northeast, where 9 percent reported working for such organizations, compared with just under 6 percent of all respondents. Respondents from the Midwest were also more likely to work for YMCAs. More than 7 percent of Midwestern respondents said they worked for such facilities. The fewest YMCA respondents were found in the West, where just 2.6 percent of respondents worked for such facilities.

Figure 26: Type of Facility / Organization by Region
Parks & Rec/Community Rec/Sports Ctrs35.3%37.8%49.3%34.3%48.0%
Health/Fitness/Sports Club, Racquet/Tennis Club/ Corp./Private Rec/Sports Clubs12.3%12.7%13.3%14.1%13.9%
School/School Dist10.4%12.7%2.7%12.1%5.1%
Campground/RV Park/Youth/Private Camp6.0%7.8%5.0%4.2%7.7%
Military Installation2.7%0.8%4.0%1.7%3.1%
Golf/Country Club2.1%2.3%2.9%4.6%3.6%
Resort/Resort Hotel1.8%1.5%3.2%0.4%1.8%
Waterpark/Theme/ Amusement Park2.1%0.8%1.3%1.7%2.1%
Ice Rink1.2%1.5%0.0%0.4%1.0%

Other regional differences occurred as well, with respondents from military installations more likely to be located in the West, golf and country club respondents more likely to be from the South Central region, and resort and resort hotel respondents more likely to be located in the South Atlantic states. Not surprisingly, ice rinks were most likely to be found in the Northeast and Midwest. (See Figure 26.)