Feature Article - June 2008
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Fit and Healthy on Campus

One director of recreational sports and fitness at an Alabama university said "increased usage" was creating challenges for the facility's space.

An athletic director at a technical college in Wisconsin said, "We are constrained by our facility in terms of spaceā€”and the multitude of programs that we are engaged in. We would like to renovate and expand in the future."

Others simply cited the age of their facilities and equipment as the problem. One director of campus recreation and facilities in Ohio said, "Equipment maintenance and purchasing would probably be my greatest concern right now because our fitness center and the equipment is five years old, and things are breaking down."

The top amenities currently included at college and university recreation facilities include locker rooms, fitness centers, indoor sports courts and gymnasiums, classrooms and meeting rooms, bleachers and seating, and exercise studio rooms. More than half also include natural turf sports fields and indoor aquatic facilities.

As they make renovations and additions and build new facilities, colleges and universities also look to meet the needs of their students, faculty and staff by increasing their programming capabilities with additional amenities. The top 10 amenities college and university respondents said they were planning to add over the next three years include:

  1. Bleachers & Seating
  2. Synthetic Turf Sports Fields
  3. Fitness Center
  4. Classrooms/Meeting Rooms
  5. Climbing Walls
  6. Concession Areas
  7. Exercise Studio Rooms
  8. Indoor Sports Courts
  9. Challenge Courses
  10. Natural Turf Sports Fields