Feature Article - June 2008
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Fit and Healthy on Campus

Program Plans

Among college and university facilities, fitness programs were the most commonly available offering, with more than three-quarters (75.2 percent) of respondents indicating that their facilities offered such programs. More than half said they also encouraged students and other participants to engage in programs such as sports tournaments and races, educational programs, mind-body balance programs like yoga and tai chi, individual sports activities like running and lap swimming, personal training and aquatic exercise programs.

There is a great emphasis in college and university facilities on increasing students' health and wellness, and this reflects a growing concern among many facility directors that their patrons will fall victim to the growing obesity epidemic.

One business manager for an Illinois university said her top concern was that upcoming generations entering the school would have a "decreased interest in physical exercise."

An aquatic and campus wellness director from a Nebraska college said "increasing health and awareness on campus" was her top concern due to the rising "student obesity rate."

With these concerns forming a foundation for program development over the next several years, it is not surprising that the top three program additions planned by college and university respondents were personal training, nutrition and diet counseling and fitness.

The top 10 programs college and university respondents were planning to add included:

  1. Personal training
  2. Nutrition and diet counseling
  3. Fitness programs
  4. Day camps and summer camps
  5. Educational programs
  6. Mind-body balance programs
  7. Sport training, such as golf lessons or tennis lessons
  8. Individual sports activities like running clubs and lap swimming
  9. Sports tournaments and races
  10. Aquatic exercise programs
  11. Climbing programs