Feature Article - November 2008
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Rest Stops

Adding Versatile, Durable, Beautiful Restrooms

By Sue Marquette Poremba

Standing Up Under Pressure

Because so many of the restrooms Rachak's company manufactures are for state or national parks or for ski resorts, the buildings are often in remote areas. That makes them prime targets for vandalism, so making the facilities vandal-proof is important.

"There have been studies that say the nicer the building, the less vandalism," Rachak said. His buildings are all custom designed and may not be as easily recognizable as a restroom as other facilities. In addition, the walls are all seamless and have a surface seal that is difficult to vandalize.

For communities interested in green buildings and lessening their carbon footprint, even in restroom facilities, Rachak said there are options. Finding a restroom structure built from materials that can last for years is important. Insulation can help keep the building warm in colder weather, eliminating the need for costly resources. Solar applications can also be added to some restroom structures.

"We may need lights, we may need ventilation, and we can get the power from the sun," Rachak said. "We're seeing more and more customers using renewable energy."