Feature Article - February 2009
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Field Goals

Maintaining Sports Fields & Grounds

By Emily Tipping

Equip Yourself

The Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) offers these lists of typical equipment requirements for each type of turf:


  • grooming equipment, typically some type of broom, brush or tine to drag the field to help fibers stand up and distribute infill
  • utility cart for grooming/cleaning equipment, pushing snow or operating sprayer
  • spraying equipment to apply weed control, cleaning agents, wetting agents to lessen static charge
  • sweepers/blowers: to remove trash
  • vacuum: to remove small items
  • top-dressing equipment, to periodically redress areas that have lost infill
  • Optionally: pressure washers, spiking equipment, irrigation systems, painters or a special rubber-bladed snowplow


  • mower: rotary or reel
  • irrigation system (not always required)
  • aerator: core or plug type, typically pulled behind a tractor or utility vehicle
  • seed/fertilizer spreader
  • weed and pest control application equipment
  • line painter (walk-behind or riding)
  • tractor or utility vehicle
  • Optionally: blower and/or sweeper, deep-tine aerator, dethatching equipment, groove or slit seeder, top dresser

Source: Sports Turf Managers Association (www.stma.org)