Feature Article - June 2009
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A Look at Trends in Colleges & Universities

There was very little change in the types of amenities prominently found among college and university respondents' facilities this year compared to last. More than three- quarters currently feature locker rooms, fitness centers, and indoor sports courts and gymnasia, while more than two-thirds include exercise studios and classrooms and meeting rooms. More than half include bleachers and seating, natural turf sports fields, and outdoor sports courts. Nearly half also include indoor aquatic facilities.

There were, however, some changes when it comes to the additional amenities facility directors are planning to add to college and university facilities over the next three years. Moving up from No. 2 last year to the number-one position this year are synthetic turf sports fields, which 11.4 percent of college and university respondents said they are planning to add in the next three years.

The top 10 amenities planned for addition in the next three years at college and university facilities are:

  1. Synthetic turf sports fields for sports like soccer, football, etc.
  2. Bleachers and seating
  3. Locker rooms
  4. Disc golf courses
  5. Concession areas
  6. Fitness centers
  7. Climbing walls
  8. Exercise studio rooms
  9. Outdoor sports courts for games like tennis and basketball
  10. Indoor running tracks

New to the top 10 planned additions this year are locker rooms, disc golf courses, outdoor sports courts and indoor running tracks, while classrooms and meeting rooms, indoor sports courts, challenge courses and natural turf sports fields fell out of the top 10 from last year.