Feature Article - June 2009
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A Look at Trends in YMCAs, YWCAs, JCCs and Boys & Girls Clubs

At the same time, while they are more conservative in their projections than last year, respondents from YMCAs were still the most likely to see increasing revenues in 2008 and to be projecting further increases in 2009 and 2010. While 45.1 percent of all respondents said their revenues had risen from 2007 to 2008, a full 61 percent of YMCAs reported an increase. And although 38.1 percent of all respondents expect an increase in 2009, and 41 percent in 2010, for YMCAs, those numbers jump to 55 percent and 67 percent, respectively. (See Figure 52.)

At the same time, YMCA respondents are anticipating moderate decreases to operating expenditures from fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2010, of 2.7 percent. With the highest operating expenditures of all the facility types represented in the survey, YMCA respondents projected an 8.3 percent drop in operating budgets between 2008 and 2009. Despite the significant drop, the average budget reported this year for fiscal 2009 is still 12.3 percent higher than last year's respondents projected for the same period. Furthermore, the decrease in 2009 is projected to be followed by a 6 percent increase in 2010 to an average budget of $2,808,000.

YMCAs benefit by being able to make the most of philanthropic giving, and despite warnings about decreased giving due to the recession, the YMCA recently reported that 2008 was a good year, with corporations and foundations giving more than $23.8 million to the organization.