Feature Article - June 2009
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A Look at Trends in Camps & Campgrounds

Learn a Little

Last fall, the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) announced that it has formed a relationship with the American Camp Association (ACA) leading to the development of new online education opportunities.

Online courses address the growing need for training in areas relating to youth development, camping, recreation and workforce development. The curricula is provided by ACA, while the NRPA is facilitating the design and development of the online delivery system.

Learn more about these online learning opportunities at www.nrpa.org.

Build It, They'll Come

Camps respondents were the most likely to indicate that they have construction plans in place over the next three years. While less than two-thirds of all respondents said they have plans, more than three-quarters (77.2 percent) of camps respondents have plans. More than half (57.5 percent) plan to make renovations to their existing facilities, and another 29.9 percent are planning additions. Camps respondents were also the most likely to be planning new facilities: 38.6 percent of these respondents indicate they have plans in place for new facilities over the next three years, 10 percent more than all respondents, 28.6 percent of whom have plans for new facilities. (See Figure 56.)

While they are the most likely to be planning construction, camps respondents have the smallest amount budgeted for their plans. They indicated they plan to spend an average of $913,000 on their construction, less than a quarter of the average amount planned across the board, of $4,835,000, and 83.3 percent less than health clubs are planning to spend.