Feature Article - June 2009
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General Survey Results

Just as in the past two years' surveys, we saw the greatest number of respondents in 2009 from parks and recreation departments and agencies. More than four in 10 (40.3 percent) of respondents said they represent this type of facility. More specific breakdowns for this segment of the industry can be found in Trends in Parks & Recreation Organizations. The next largest group represents colleges and universities, with more than 13 percent of respondents. More specific information from respondents in this category can be found in Trends in Colleges & Universities. They were followed by community or private recreation and sports centers, with 7.5 percent of respondents. Schools and school districts represented 7.2 percent of respondents. More specific information on trends in schools can be found in Trends in Schools & School Districts. Campgrounds, RV parks, and youth or private camps (hereafter referred to as "camp facilities") made up 7.1 percent of respondents. YMCAs, YWCAs, JCCs and Boys & Girls Clubs (hereafter referred to as "YMCAs," with more specific information in Trends in YMCAs, YWCAs, JCCs and Boys & Girls Clubs), made up 5.1 percent of the responses. Sports, health and fitness clubs (referred to in this report as "health clubs," with more specific information appearing in Trends in Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs) made up 3.7 percent of respondents. Military installations were represented by 3 percent of respondents. Rounding out this category, all with less than 3 percent of the response, were: golf or country clubs (2.7 percent); resorts and resort hotels (2.3 percent); waterparks, theme parks and amusement parks (2.2 percent); ice rinks (0.8 percent); corporate recreation and sports centers (0.7 percent); racquet clubs or tennis clubs (0.5 percent); and stadiums, arenas and tracks (0.3 percent). (See Figure 4.)