Feature Article - June 2009
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A Look at Regional Trends

Those from parks and recreation agencies were the most common respondents in our survey, with this group being most heavily weighted in the response from the West, where 45.1 percent were from park agencies. Parks and recreation agencies saw the least representation among respondents from the South Central states, where just over a third (33.7 percent) were from this type of organization.

On the other hand, South Central states saw the highest representation of colleges and universities. In this region, more than a fifth (20.7 percent) of responses came from colleges and universities, compared to just 7.1 percent of respondents in the West.

Respondents from schools and school districts were most likely to be found in the Midwest, where 11.1 percent of responses came from these facilities. They saw the lowest representation in the South Atlantic states, where just 4.5 percent were from schools.

Health club representation was heaviest in the West, where 4.7 percent of respondents were from health clubs, compared to just 2.9 percent of Northeastern respondents.

Finally, YMCAs predominated in the Northeast, where 7.8 percent of respondents represented these nonprofits, followed closely by the Midwest with 7.1 percent. Lowest participation for YMCAs was in the South Atlantic, where just 2 percent of respondents represented this type of facility. (See Figure 26.)

Other differences in facility type representation by region could be found in the South Atlantic, which were more likely than other regions to include respondents from campgrounds (10.3 percent of those in this region), golf or country clubs (4.2 percent) and resort or resort hotels (4.5 percent), while this region saw the lowest representation from waterparks (1.1 percent).

Likewise, respondents from the Midwest were more likely than those in other regions to represent ice rinks (1.6 percent of Midwestern respondents, compared to less than 1 percent for all other regions). Those in the South Central region were more likely than others to represent community or private recreation centers (8.9 percent of respondents in this region), as well as corporate recreation or sports centers (1.1 percent). And those in the West were more likely than other regions to represent military installations (3.9 percent) and waterparks, amusement parks or theme parks (3 percent).